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Thing is, are these baby sleeping bags really worth it? We shall look into the practicality of using one in Malaysia and whether they are safe enough to be used on a newborn baby.

Baby Sleeping Bags (Malaysia): 100% Safe & Useful?

If you have gone through our web store, you may have noticed that we haveHolabebe as part of our line of baby products.

Thing is, are these baby sleeping bags really worth it? We shall look into the practicality of using one in Malaysia and whether they are safe enough to be used on a newborn baby.

Nevertheless, to say that these bags are 100% safe, that is debatable. There is no one product in this world which is 100% safe.

It certainly depends on how you use it, and correctly too. Having the right knowledge increases the safety net.

Are sleeping bags safe for newborns?

As new parents, we are all very excited when our newborn baby arrives.

However, there are things that are considered unsafe, especially when you put them in a baby cot:

  • toys
  • blankets
  • pillows
  • other large objects

It is recommended to use a baby sleeping bag if possible as there are a couple of important benefits:

Reduces risk of SIDS

Now, by using a baby sleeping bag, it prevents your baby from rolling around, especially in the few first months of life.

Therefore the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) reduces because it reduces the chance of your baby’s face sleeping face-flat on the bed itself.

A constant temperature

Apart from that, a baby sleeping bag helps to keep your baby’s body temperature constant too by creating a more constant temperature profile.

It helps to prevent extreme of temperatures. Not too hot, not too cold.

As you know, our Malaysian weather is not too forgiving, and some of us may use the air-conditioner.

With your baby in a sleeping bag, at least you know your baby is not getting too chilly at night.

A safer sleep environment

As babies tend to kick a lot, using a sleeping bag prevents your baby kicking everything within his reach.

Of course, it is advisable not to have anything inside the cot when your baby is asleep but under certain circumstances (if your baby really likes a soft toy or a pillow and there is no way of removing it), it is unavoidable.

Prevents baby from rolling over

Generally, these sleeping bags prevent babies from rolling over, or at least when they are still small.

Babies start to roll when they are between 3 to 6 months old. The sleeping bag does not prevent your baby from rolling a 100% but at least it reduces the chance.

As long as they sleep with their face facing the ceiling, it will reduce the risk of SIDS too.

Better and longer sleep

All babies like to be swaddled. Or at least when they are still very young. Even if they outgrow the swaddles, baby sleeping bags help them to feel secure and safe.

So, if you are getting a baby swaddle, it helps when you get a sleeping bag which is convertible from a “swaddling” bag to a baby sleeping bag.

To keep it simple, here’s a recap of the benefits:

  • Reduces risks of SIDS.
  • Creates a constant temperature for your baby to sleep in.
  • Prevents your baby from rolling over.
  • Reduces the chances of baby items covering your baby’s face.
  • Better sleep.

Zip-up swaddles. Are they the same?

It depends entirely on the product itself, or the brand. Take this brand as an example, Love To Dream. It functions as a baby sleeping bag, just with a different name.

The Holabebe Company has its own version of zip-swaddles as well, as shown below:

More importantly, always take note of the material of the sleeping bag itself and its tog rating.

Cheaper sleeping bags may look and feel the same, but they do not meet the safety standards of a baby sleeping bag.

How to keep a baby warm at night without swaddle?

To be honest, you are already staring at the answer.

Use a baby sleeping bag.

Some babies tend to wriggle a lot and the swaddle tends to get loose easily especially when they grow older.

So, what’s the next best solution?

Baby sleeping bags these days are designed to fit even a newborn baby. You just have to get the right size for your little one.

We shall look into the next section on how to pick the right one.

Baby sleep sack vs. baby sleeping bag

Confusing? Yes.

But they are essentially the same thing.

The sleep sack is a term generally used in America and sleeping bag is used in UK/Europe.

The baby sleeping bag is a more common term used in Malaysia since our education system is based off the UK in the early centuries.

How to use a sleeping bag for a baby?

Great! Now that you have decided to use one, let’s touch on how to pick the right one.

The size

In general, most parents will wait for their newborn baby to be at least a few weeks old before letting him use the sleeping bag.

However, we want to be specific here to make sure it is safe for your newborn.

How do we make sure that it is the right time to use the sleeping bag?


For example, Holabebe sleeping bag is recommended for babies weighing between 2.1 to 5.5 kg.

If your baby’s weight falls below the recommended range, please wait until he reaches the recommended weight before using one.

Your baby may slip into the bag if he is still small and will get trapped in the sleeping bag. You definitely do not want that to happen as the risk of suffocation is really high.

Apart from that, it depends on whether your baby prefers to be swaddled in the first few weeks of life. If your baby is comfortable being swaddled, then there is no hurry in using a sleeping bag.

The material

The fabric used in making the sleeping bag should be considered. From 100% cotton, bamboo muslin to premium organic cotton, there are lots to choose from.

100% cotton is, cotton. Bamboo muslin is lighter, naturally anti-bacterial and breathable. Organic types are cotton which is grown organically without any use of pesticides or artificial fertilizer.

To note. Do not forget that we are living in Malaysia. Hot and humid 24-7!

The hood

Some baby sleeping bags come with a hood to cover your baby’s head. Avoid sleeping bags with hoods at all cost.

Nothing is worse than having a cloth covering your baby’s face at night when he sleeps.

Having a hood attached to the sleeping bag is no different than having a blanket covering your baby’s face when he sleeps.

The brand

Suffice to say, there are different types of baby sleeping bags on the market. However, one can never go wrong going along with a brand that has been well received by the community.

Can you put a blanket over a baby sleeping bag?

Why would you even think of using a baby blanket for your baby who is already in a sleeping bag?

Please enlighten us. We may be missing something here.

As we have mentioned above, baby sleeping bags are able to keep your baby warm. All you need to do is to get the right one to suit your baby’s needs.

Using a blanket on top of a sleeping baby defeats the purpose of using one in the first place.

Not only does the blanket causes your baby’s temperature to rise, it also increases the risks of SIDS.

So think twice, and think hard before you decide to use a baby blanket concurrently.

What to wear under Sleeping Bag Holabebe?

If you plan to use a Sleeping Bag for the majority of the nights, you should let your child wear the right clothing to prevent overheating.

As the baby sleeping bag is already well insulated to keep your baby warm, it is advisable to let your child wear clothing that is airy.

Thick clothes cause overheating.

The recommended sleepwear for babies using sleeping bags is onesies and rompers.

Onesies and rompers generally made of light material so they work well with sleeping bags.

Refer to the chart in the next section to which type of sleepwear you should use for your baby.

The other factor to consider is actually your room temperature.

By understanding that sleeping bags act as an insulator and the type of sleepwear your baby uses affects his body’s temperature, it is important to make sure that your room temperature is appropriate.

To have a room thermometer to measure your room’s temperature would be most ideal.

You can’t really rely on the settings of the air-conditioner alone as the size of your baby’s room, the presence of large windows and even the horsepower of your air-conditioner may alter the temperature.

Should I buy a baby sleeping bag?

Ultimately, it boils down to this question of whether you should buy one for your baby or not.

As Malaysians, using a baby sleeping bag is not exactly our culture and there are other factors to consider before that.

Some of these factors include:

  • Willingness to spend that amount of money in a baby sleeping bag.
  • More money in a bigger bag when your child grows older.
  • Your home environment. Air-conditioned versus non air-conditioned.
  • The amount of baby stuff your baby has in the baby cot.
  • Your baby likes to be swaddled.
  • You believe in the safety of using a sleeping bag for your baby.

In summary, if you do not mind spending that amount of money in a sleeping bag for your baby who sleeps in the air-conditioned room, wriggles out of the swaddling blanket and needs to have his favorites toy/blanket next to him, then getting a baby sleeping bag would be the right investment.


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