Baby Sleeping Bags

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Baby Sleeping Bags

Oh, my sleeping child...

As a parent of a baby, you have to think about several things to best take care of this small and vulnerable young being. One of the most important aspects to look into is your baby’s bedding – You want your baby to be as comfortable as possible for he or she will be spending a significant amount of time in baby dreamland.

One kind of baby bedding product that should interest you is the baby sleeping bag. Baby sleeping bags are not be confused with the ones you take with you to camping trips and recreational outings. However, it is quite similar in functionality. With a baby sleeping bag, the infant or baby will still be in his or her sleeping attire where the bag fits over the sleepwear keeping the little one as snug as a bug.

Why use one?
The main aim of a sleeping bag is to function as a blanket. Of course, there are many other product such as baby blankets and quilts that can do the job just as well, but a baby tends to move around a lot while sleeping and these things can be easily kicked or thrown off from baby’s body. This will leave your baby exposed and vulnerable to the undesirable temperatures especially in air-conditioned rooms.

Baby sleeping bags come in different sizes for a snug and comfy fit. By using one, a baby will still be able to move around to his or her little heart’s desire without getting out of the comforts of the sleeping bag.

Picking the right one
When shopping for a sleeping bag for your baby, there are a few essential things to check. Firstly, steer clear of anything with a hood for this particular feature poses a suffocation hazard. Secondly, make certain the neck and armholes fit nicely. Not only would this be more comfortable, it will also ensure that baby doesn’t somehow slip halfway out of the bag, which will defeat the purpose of using one! Another more undesirable scenario is that a baby’s head can slip through the neck hole of a sleeping bag that is too loose and suffocate inside. On the other hand, a sleeping bag that is too tight would lead to discomfort and restless sleep for both the baby and possibly the entire family.

The sleeping bag you choose for your baby should be long enough for the baby to move his or her legs around. Baby sleeping bags should have designations indicating appropriate age range, weight and length of the user. So know your baby’s height and weight before going shopping for a sleeping bag. It would be an even better idea to bring your baby along.

Another factor to consider when choosing a baby sleeping bag is the material it is made of. Firstly, be aware of any allergic reactions that your baby might have to certain cloth materials. Most baby sleeping bags are made from cotton, fleece and quilted materials.

Last but not least, consider the temperature at which your baby would be comfortable. Baby sleeping bags generally have what is called a TOG rating. It is a simple unit of measurement for the level of warmth that a material provides. The higher the number, the warmer the material. Hence, you want to be aware of the appropriate level of warmth for your baby. You don’t want your baby to be too cold and end up catching a cold, but you also don’t want your baby to overheat which can be quite dangerous to his or her health. You’ll need to regularly check on your baby and also ensure beforehand that the material you’re using and the clothing he or she is wearing underneath is the right combination for comfort.


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