Xsen bamboo charcoal socks

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Bamboo charcoal socks by Xsen are the new revolutionary products that have been proven to provide incredible health benefits for the users. 

Let's switch from regular socks and discover the healing benefits of Xsen.

Bamboo charcoal Fabric is the natural anti-microbial agent.

Benefits of Bamboo charcoal socks by Xsen include:
  • Anti-Bacteria - Bamboo fabric have excellant natural functions. Bamboo contains an unique anti- Bacteria & bacteriostatis bio-agent.
  • Deodorant - The porous structure of Bamboo charcoal provides better moisture asorption that effectively assord odours, moisture, chemical, and gas such as benzene and ammonia produced by bacteria.
  • Soft Comfortable -  Bamboo is the softest fabric than any cotton that reduced tiredness and increase comfortable from long hours of wearing.

Considerate foot care is essential to everyone. Now you enjoy superior comfort while reaping the extensive health benefits with Xsen bamboo charcoal socks.


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